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Ich bin ein: Mitglied Händler
Ich bin ein: Mitglied Händler

Cooperation creates success

Our collective DREGENO brand constitutes a seal of quality.

It stands for quality and individuality. Being selectively and collectively united under this trademark creates confidence, reference and advantage in the market and among our end customers.

At trade fairs and in our catalogues, we market each individual product in the context of our full assortment. We thereby internationally represent the most authentic assortment of Erzgebirge wooden art.

To successfully market the entire assortment, we strategically position your novelties and highlights. Above all in order to inspire new customers with our craftsmanship and open up new markets.

As a strategically important partner in the realm of Erzgebirge wooden art, our cooperative is an indispensable marketing and knowledge platform.

Our member enterprises profit from favorable material procurement purchase terms and quality assurance of the products and certification processes as well as from the pooling of product demand. Members also have exclusive access to training courses in product development and improvement.

The cooperative has been protecting its member enterprises during economically difficult times for over 90 years. Our cooperative association enables even the smallest workshop to be competitive – without having to give up its own independence. This dynamic reflects our variety and preserves our unique Erzgebirge way of life.



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