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Ich bin ein: Mitglied Händler
Ich bin ein: Mitglied Händler

Good for people and nature

With our Erzgebirge wooden art products, you not only get the benefit of lasting enjoyment you also support the preservation of the Erzgebirge cultural landscape. Authentic Erzgebirge – an adage standing for homeland, originality and sustainability. These attributes are inseparably intertwined for DREGENO and its member enterprises. As the rugged Erzgebirge instilled the principles of frugality and sustainability into its citizens down through the centuries, the entire creative chain has remained deeply rooted in the region.

Protecting the beauty of our Erzgebirge landscape today and for future generations has been a self-evident given to us for decades. Above all stands the responsible and conscientious stewardship of the raw and wooden material that is so indispensable to our crafts.

The proof: We’ve already been able to demonstrate sustainable wood use in the product chain in line with the PEFC CoC guidelines since 2009 and our products proudly carry the corresponding seal.

What is PEFC?

The PEFC seal stands for the sustainable management of forests. That means that no more wood is harvested from forests than is regrown. The PEFC seal gives you as a user and consumer the guarantee that the wood and paper products you buy are not of questionable origin or even come from areas of ruthless deforestation but rather from naturally sustained forests – regardless of where they’re located in the world.

Source and more information: www.pefc.de


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