Who we are

We are Dregeno, a cooperative of woodturners. In 1919, woodturners and toy makers joined forces to form an association, so that together they would be stronger. This was the beginning of a success story that has lasted for 100 years. Today Dregeno is a cooperative with some 130 member companies, and as such is the largest sales platform for handcrafted products made in the Erzgebirge.

We are based in the toy village of Seiffen where Erzgebirge craftsmanship all began. Here, at the core of our company is a 2,000sqm warehouse in which we store more than 10,000 products from the Erzgebirge, with a value of 1.5 million euros. Our 90-strong team, here and throughout Germany, takes care of sales and storage, customer service and dispatch.

We are Dregeno - the depot for
wooden artefacts from the Erzgebirge


What we do

We trade.
For 100 years we have been purchasing products from our craftsmen and women in the Erzgebirge and selling them on to suppliers and end customers all over the world. We carry this out through various sales channels: online and bricks and mortar, wholesale and retail.

We network.
Our network combines resources, expertise and knowledge. We abide by the cooperative philosophy that we are all stronger together than we are alone.

We move with the times.
100 years of history means constant change. We have been shaped by changing forms of government and economic systems. Today the challenges we face are digitalisation and demographic change. We constantly adapt ourselves and the products we offer to meet changing market conditions - we are constantly reinventing ourselves.

Why we do what we do

We occupy a very attractive and specialist niche. Genuine Erzgebirge craftsmanship, with its centuries of tradition behind it, is rare. Inside every figure that we send out in our simple white boxes all over the world can be found a small Erzgebirge soul. Every one is an original, made by originals from the Erzgebirge. We stand behind these original products - as genuine wooden artefacts originating from the Erzgebirge.

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